An Elf's Journey

A gift for one's Inner Child healing for any abuse. Guidance to finding or strengthening your hidden treasures and genuineness.

 An Elf’s Journey is a tender story about an endearing elf, named Elf, who carried a heavy burden of shame that didn’t belong to her. As this precious elf’s buried memories and blocked emotions are stirred, she finds support from wise creatures in the fairy realm. Her enlightened Fairapist, Fae, encourages Elf to express her truth, recognize her gifts, and value her Wise Self. 

 Along the way, Elf explores enchanted ways to liberate her Self, rescue her inner child, and find peace. The epic journey becomes rewarding as Elf embraces rousing understandings gleaned from learning to love and accept herself, which help her lighten up and enjoy more of life. Her unique insights enable her to empathize with other creatures she encounters in the fairy realm. They partake in great transformation on a mutual journey as they work and play together. 

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It's Not Your Journey

Follow Rebecca Lombardo as she details two years of her twenty-five year battle with mental illness and what brought her to attempt to take her life in 2013. As she recovered from that attempt, she continued to write in the hopes that she would help purge some of the pain in her life. What she never expected was that she could help others as well. This book quite simply began as a blog and became a book; where she opens up about her real and raw emotions during those two years. 

Set aside any preconceived notions you may have about what a book should be and put yourself in the shoes of someone struggling daily with a disease she could not control, despite the support of her loving husband. Even with the struggles, Rebecca attempts to offer the reader support and guidance as she begs them not to follow her path. 

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